Altgeld Riverdale Parenting Program

IMG_2663The Altgeld Riverdale Parenting Program provides doula and home visiting services to expectant mothers age 21 and under in Altgeld Gardens, Concordia Place, Golden Gate Homes, Riverside Village.

What is a Doula? A woman professional trained to provide non-medical support to an expectant mother and her family to enhance her childbirth experience.

What is the role of a Doula? The doula’s role is to support a new mother’s transition to parenthood by providing reliable information and hands-on support.

This program includes weekly or bi-weekly visits to the home and participation in a Prenatal Support Group to educate the family about what to expect during pregnancy as well as labor and delivery.

Services include:

  • Prenatal nutrition
  • Comfort measures during labor and delivery (breathing/relaxation)
  • Breastfeeding (coaching/support)
  • Child bonding and learning

What is a family Support Worker? A professional with extensive training in child development and family strengthening who supports new mothers and their infants in the home.

What is the role of a Family Support Worker?

  • Regular in-home visits and new  parent group discussions
  • Support and problem-solving assistance to mothers and infants
  • Fun activities for new moms and their children to do together, helping the baby grow and develop in a nurturing environment
  • Help for new moms in balancing their role as parent while working toward personal goals, such as completing high school
  • Help for parents scheduling vision, hearing, and developmental screenings for their children

The benefits of this program:

  • Provides emotional and physical support during prenatal, labor and delivery, and postpartum periods
  • Recognizes that a woman’s childbirth experience is special and works to protect her memories
  • Increases mother-baby bonding during prenatal and postpartum periods
  • Provides a source of reliable information that enables the mother to make informed decisions
  • Facilitates communication between the mother, her family, and care providers
  • Supports the emotional needs of a woman
  • Helps babies develop physically, mentally, and emotionally

To learn more about the Altgeld-Riverdale Parenting Program please contact: Program Director Shavon Parker at 773.474.7224

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